Don’t just take it from us that Yumbums is the best:

"We have used Yumbums on our bub's bum since birth, and I am very pleased to say that for all his 10 months of life he has remained rash free! At any sign of redness we would use a bit of yumbums, and it would resolve the problem before it started. We use mostly cloth nappies which makes bubs more prone to rash, but not with yumbums!

I recommend it happily to all of my clients, knowing first hand it is a great product."  


MAMA Director, Midwife & William's Mum

Kelly Langford


“a fantastic, natural product that isn’t going to do any damage to baby’s skin. What more can you ask for?”



 “It most definitely makes the whole area feel nice and we haven't had any really bad nappy rash since using it. One thing I really like about this cream is that it can be used on other parts of the body and not just for babies and kids. As soon as I opened the tub, my mum who is staying with us stuck her finger in and gave her hands a good rub in it. She has a thing with hand cream's and gave Yumbums the thumbs up. She said even 24 hours later her hands felt really soft. So if your after a versatile, organic cream without all of the nasty additives give this one ago.”



This is the best baby balm i have found. My daughter, who is now 1, never had to suffer nappy rash. Even any skin rashes that came up disappeared in a few hours after applying Yumbums. The jar lasts for a long time - i bought two pots before my daughter was born and only now have ordered 2 more. With my 2nd baby due in July, this will be the one and only baby balm on their change table! Cannot rave about this product enough!!!

Laura - Facebook Review



“Charli’s rash cleared up after 2 applications, all redness gone! I tried it on her dry skin too, so happy to say it is completely cleared up. I found the best thing about Yumbums was that I didn't need to 'lather' it on like other creams, so it will go a long way. I have been using it for over a week now and you can barely tell I have used any from the jar. So its both thumbs up from us :)”



“Richie's nappy area seems to like the balm too! It seems to be keeping his nappy rash at bay and I feel great knowing that I am putting something natural and lovingly crafted by a Naturopath on his little bot-bot.”



“I’ve been very impressed with this product and pleasantly surprised. I will admit I was a bit skeptical to begin with since we have had so much trouble in the past, but I think Yumbums is a keeper in our house!”



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