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Yumbums 50g and Yumbums 100g with baby

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Yumbums 50g    $19.95

Yumbums 100g 


Yumbums Organic Baby Balm is the 100% natural baby product you have been searching for to treat your babies sensitive skin issues. Yumbums naturally soothes, moisturises and protects your baby's delicate nappy area, scalp, and dry problem skin.

Yumbums is totally natural and blends only these ingredients: organic olive oil, organic beeswax and organic coconut oil to create a protective barrier that hydrates and maintains skin pH, and with herbal extracts of Calendula, Chamomile, Golden Seal and Licorice root. These herbs have been expertly chosen for their skin healing properties making Yumbums naturally soothing to keep your baby’s bum YUM!

Yumbums is proudly made in Australia and is formulated by a qualified naturopath. Yumbums uses only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients with nothing toxic or irritating added such as petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances or colours. YUCK! 

Yumbums Organic Baby Balm 50g

Adults and older children can also use Yumbums to soothe their problem dry skin conditions.

Yumbums is more than just an amazing nappy balm, it's naturally soothing to babies' skin from head to toe!



Moisturise and soothe dry scaly scalps.


Simply warm Yumbums in your hands and use as a nourishing body moisturiser or a baby massage oil. Yumbums soothes itchy and irritated dry skin conditions and is great for dribble rashes too! 


Yumbums is an effective nappy balm that can be used at every nappy change to both soothe and protect baby's delicate skin. Yumbums is suitable for disposable nappies and modern cloth nappies and will not stain clothes.

Yumbums is recommended by the amazing midwives at MAMA